Aviemore Easter 2013

A week in Aviemore over easter.

After a good winter waited for a good dump and the weather to clear. Planned go there after a week of heavy dump and gales and worked out.

Good thing on Aviemore its on the mainline from London to Inverness so got the train for a day  long journey on Sunday. There is also a completely fitted youth hostel with all mountain sports facilities such as drying room near the station plus a bus shuttle service to the mountain.

The road to Cairngorm Mountain was closed due too much for couple of days so went mountain biking for a day on the Rothiemerchus forest, which is a very nice ride. Heard there was cross country skiing as well in the forest, and as the snow coverage was unusually good had a try for the next day as well, but don’t think I will take it on, its very hard to go downhill on those things!

So the road was finally cleared so started riding on tuesday, the resort opened all the lifts by the road and by midday the opened the funicular but the far side of the mountain was still slowed. Did not stop me from sneaking in on the M2 run 😉

The pommas where evil, took me a while to get used to them.

On Wednesday they finally opened the rest of the mountain and was awesome, did a lot of fresh tracks on soft snow 😉 Would not call it deep powder thought, bit for Scotland was awesome.

Rest of the week as french conditions, perfectly groomed runs, blue skies, no wind.

Found some locals who showed me the next gully outside the ski area that came down to the car park, could have done with more snow but was still fun.

Took a day off on the last day, as I had done my knee and elbow slightly, due to fatigue. Got lucky as went to town saw the steamer coming in so I hopped in!It only went two stops and was full of kids. The train was restored, 40’s vintage with wagons of different ages. Its something I have been meaning to do for years! Was quite cheap for £13 and went down 2 stops on a 2 hour trip. Thy make most of their money on the dining car with over £30 for a set full course lunch.