Luxembourg May 2015

Long weekend in Luxembourg.
Had to take the Easy jet flight from gatwick, but thanks to new overground lines, comming from Cambridge, I could change in St. Pancras for a direct train to Gatwick every 15 min 🙂

Luxembourg itself is a small city, feels a bit like london, between 19th and 21st century architecture. In the center it is cut by a valley where the Old Town (a medieval town) sits at the bottom, where most of the interist pubs are situated. They also like their food fairs there. The country itself is a mixture of france and germany as it was a contention zone between the countries. Luxembourg is a bit pricey but not as bad as france.

Also managed to see Metz in France and Vianden Castle.

  • Cathedrale de Notre Dame
  • Old Town – Medieval town on teh bottom of the valley.
  • Casemates Bock – the remaining dungeon of the former castle demolished asa war settlement.
  • Neumünster Abbey
  • Grand Ducal Palace