Philippines January 2015

A week in Philippines, direct flight with PAL but long 14 hours. Philippines is a bit mixed, some aspects is is poor like india, loud, colourful etc. Specially on the streets. And in other aspects is quite western like in the shopping malls. The food is quite good, even their fast food (with quite a lot local chains) is real food.

  • Manila is the busy capital, mix between east and west.
  • Boracay is a nice beach island but over exploited, and full of korean tourists. Korean girls are definetly not a pretty sight in a biquini, no curves etc.
  • Baguio, a mountain city with Tam-awan Village which I stayed in, is a mock up native village in a park.
  • Taal Volcano, actually active in a large volcanic lake, not far from Manila but a long bus trip. Of course over exploited by korean tourists.
  • Palace in the Sky, former marcos residence that overlooks the island as a good dictator would like but has seen better days.