Pipa Brasil April 2016

Month to relax there and think about life.

Ended up taking more pictures than thinking about life ­čśŤ

Managed to see Natal where I never seen before and Recife again.

Also stayed in a very nice flat with a massive pool: Condom├şnio Brisas do Amor ­čÖé

  • Pipa
    • VIla Mar├ę
    • Praia do Centro
    • Praia do Amor
    • Praia do madeiro
    • Baia dos Golfinhos
    • Santu├írio Ecol├│gico
    • Cacimbinhas
  • Tibau do Sul
  • Natal
    • Ponta Negra
  • Recife
    • Mercado Central
    • Parque das Esculturas Francisco Brennand
  • Olinda